Who we are


We have been running Modern Accountancy for over 8 years now, and are always looking for ways to both improve our Service and Fees.

www.SelfAssessment.Today was born out of the need to separate our services to be able to offer you a more streamlined and software orientated focused service, getting ahead of the big changes in the way we all file taxes coming in soon.

MTD - Making Tax Digital has just gone live for all VAT registered companies who turnover more than £85k a year. This same process is going to roll out to all Self Employed people over the next few years, as early as April 2020.

So, what does it really mean to you?

Once implemented you will be required to keep digital copies of your tax records, this will include your sales invoices, receipts and expenses and bank statements. If HMRC then ask to check your records you can send them the digital file for them to review.

This is going to happen, so we are preparing now, by setting up systems and processes to help you be ready.